CPME wins 7 Day News ‘Social Hero’ award

Phaung Daw Oo Ven: U Nayaka and Ko Tar
( CPME and SEMS )
7 Days News? Social Hero Award

7 Days News honored the SOCIAL HERO AWARD to Center for Promotion of Monastic Education (CPME)
and Socially Engaged Monastic School (SEMS) which were founded by Ven: U Nayaka (Phaung Daw Oo)
and Ko Tar ( SEMs) to enhance the capacity of the monastic school teachers in teaching and learning for
Ven: U Nayaka is taking a leadership role to upgrade the monastic school education all over the country.
Through CPME Program, it had already provided trainings on teaching methodology, self-awareness and
life skills up to 7 times starting from 2009. Up to now, there were approximately 200 alumni teachers of 56
schools. All the alumni teachers changed their attitude and behavior, at the same time improving their
self-confidence, logical thinking, good teaching and learning practices which received recognition of many
In 2011, Socially Engaged Monastic School (SEMS) was also established by Ko Tar and provided the same
training components of CPME for 100 alumni teachers from 32 monastic schools.
Thus, 7 Days News honored SOCIAL HERO AWARD of 2012 to Ven: U Nayaka and Ko Tar for their
successful social activities.

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