Other Trainings and Workshops

Regional and International Exposure Visits and Learning Exchanges

We are also involved in facilitating exposure visits and learning exchanges on request for our partners and other interested organisations in the region, and internationally. Focusing on our educational approach of experiential and participatory learning, these ?tailor-made? exposure visits balance learning with intellectuals and academics, experience sharing with grassroots peoples, and building an active learning community among participants. These exposures provide an holistic learning experience that helps participants to reflect deeply, build respect for other perspectives, and expand their worldviews.

Some previous exposures facilitated by SEM have included:

  • Centre for the Promotion of Monastic Education (Myanmar)  – Exposure and Exchange for the Sangha on Innovative Education and Social Engagement
  • George Mason University (USA) – Community Development, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Spirituality
  • Sloth Club (Japan) – Engaged Buddhism and Simple Living
  • Consumers Association of Penang (Malaysia) – Consumer Education
  • Karen Baptist Association (Myanmar) – Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction

Other topics have been developed for multi-stakeholder groups on specific issues. Examples include:

  • Learning Experiences from Peoples Advocacy Movements on Dams
  • Cross-country Experience Sharing and Networking on Industrial Impacts and Health Impact Assessments

SEM welcomes requests from any groups or organisations seeking learning rooted in learning from others and own experiences, which can bring about personal and social transformation.Contact us.

Occasional Trainings in English language

Wongsanit Ashram, a spiritual activist ecovillage and training centre one hour north of Bangkok, was the former home of SEM’s Southeast Asia office for over 10 years. Many collaborative activities were developed over that time, with many of them growing into self-sustaining projects such as the Earthern House project, Nature Cure, and has hosted since 2008, the popular Ecovillage Design Education training, under the Global Ecovillage Network. SEM continues to work with Wongsanit Ashram, especially through coordinating training courses led by visiting?international resource people.

Other previous trainings have included:

  • Transition Town (with Mae East)
  • Five Rhythms (with Deborah Jay-Lewin)
  • Co-Active Coaching (with Hide Inemoto and Patrick Ryan)
  • Leadership with Presence (with Gill Emslie)

The School for Wellbeing also occasionally facilitates forums and conferences on Gross National Happiness and Wellbeing, and Organic Agriculture.

Upcoming trainings and forums in English language

SEM Annual Public Lecture

Held in Bangkok every year, SEM organises a public lecture by both visiting and local intellectuals. These annual lectures are in honour of Dr. Sem Pringpuangkeaw, the namesake of SEM, and who remains an inspiration for new generations through dedicating his life for others. The SEM lectures are an annual public event with the aim of providing a platform for learning new knowledge and ways of knowing. Each year the lecture is honoured by experts and intellectuals on important issues in contemporary society.

Previous speakers have included:

  • Satish Kumar – Spiritual ecology
  • Ven. Samdhong Rinpoche – Buddhist democracy: lessons learned from the Tibetan Government in Exile
  • Bhikkhunni Tenzin Palmo – The ordained who heal the world
  • Elizabeth and Elias Roberts – Why we need to respect multiculturalism
  • Lokamitra – The transformation of self and the world in Sangharakshita’s approach to engaged Buddhism

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